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Special Activities

Hunting in the Reserve

You can hunt fowl (Pheasant and Partridge), wild boar and roe deer.

Fowl: a charge of € 20,00 for each bird released as per you requirement.
Boar: a charge of €10,00 per kilo for each boar shot
Deer: a charge of € 300 to € 1.000 (depending on the size) for each deer shot.

Prices include a guide, transportation within the reserve, dogs, a shotgun and ammunition.
An additional charge of € 30,00 per day is payable for a rifle.
Hunters without licenses must be accompanied by a guide which will be charged € 80,00 per day.

This activity is reserved for our guests and the above pricing is in addition to the cost of the stay at the estate.

Additional Activities

Truffle Hunting: € 50,00 per person
Visit to winery and wine tasting: €20,00 per person
Visit to Olive Oil press and tasting: € 20 per person
Guided Tours: Perugia, Gubbio, Florence and Siena. Subject to quote and number of people.
Cooking lessons subject to quote and number of people.