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Non-Eu nationals will need to contact their nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate to obtain a permit to import their gun into Italy. Although not all Italian Consulates are fully up to speed on this, you will generally require:

· A valid passport
· Driver’s License or Identity Card showing your current address
· Hunting License
· Invoice for the purchase of your gun
· Certificate of lack of criminal record issued by the police
· Money Order in favour of the Italian Consulate covering the required fee

This permit will allow us to apply for the relevant documents required at this end:

· Temporary Hunting License
· Affiliation to Local Hunting Board
· Affiliation to Local Hunting Team
· Insurance

On arrival in Italy you will be allowed to transport your gun from the airport to the
place where you will be hunting and we will provide you with a letter of invitation
from the local hunting team to facilitate matters at the airport. You will have 90
days to re-export the gun.

Please take note that not all airlines accept to carry firearms and you will need to
make sure that your chosen airline will allow you to do so.